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Professional Services

in South Lakeland, Cumbria

South Lakeland is a popular destination for small businesses, meaning a strong history of professional and legal services, with family firms and international practices supporting the business community.

Milne MoserArnold Greenwood, Livingstons and Thomas Hayton Winkley are just some of the well-known legal firms in South Lakeland, with just about every town or village boasting its own practice.

The financial sector also has a healthy legacy here, with independent financial advisers, investment managers and multinational institutions enjoying a presence. Armstrong Watson and Moore and Smalley are a couple of local accountancy service and business advice providers. Along with familiar high-street banking names, Swedish bank Handelsbanken is also a welcome addition. Other business services include photography, design and print, while marketing and branding specialists are also in rich supply.

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Invest in South Lakeland
Professional Services in South Lakeland, Cumbria

Invest in South Lakeland
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