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Manufacturing & Engineering

in South Lakeland, Cumbria

South Lakeland has an international reputation for innovative manufacturing and engineering, with our products used in some of the most exciting projects around the world, and even in space! Specialist companies enjoy links with the offshore oil and gas industries, as well as Britain’s Energy Coast.

Siemens are one household name who have chosen South Lakeland as the location to make electrical and fibre optic subsea connectors for the international oil and gas industry. Precision engineering companies such as Gilbert Gilkes & Gordon make hydroelectricity turbines and industrial pumps here for the marine, civil engineering and agriculture industries, while pharmaceutical industry leader GlaxoSmithKline also calls South Lakeland home, producing antibiotics which save thousands of lives around the world each year.

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Manufacturing & Engineering in South Lakeland, Cumbria

Invest in South Lakeland
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