South Lakeland is set to benefit from the roll out of superfast broadband across the district, as part of the Connecting Cumbria project. 

It is anticipated that super-fast broadband will provide a huge boost for small and medium sized   businesses in South Lakeland, allowing them to prospect into and develop new markets; improve their ability to deliver new products and services; boost their competitiveness and market share; carry out their business more efficiently and effectively; support staff through more remote working; reduce their carbon footprint and finally, provide a platform to help create new jobs in South Lakeland. 

For more information about the programme of work, please see the Connecting Cumbria website. A very useful briefing titled "Commonly used broadband jargon" has been produced by Mike Pye which can be downloaded.

Broadband AvailabilityBroadband in South Lakeland

To find out if you about superfast broadband in your area, please use the postcode checker

The DIY community Broadband for the Rural North Ltd ( group provide true fibre broadband to every property within a parish where volunteers have installed the ducts.

As at August 2017, over 3,300 properties have live symmetric 1,000 Mbps unlimited broadband at £30.00 per month.

Some SLDC parishes are already connected and more are underway. 

Current details and an application form can be found here:-

Business Support

There is some free business support available for companies in South Lakeland that have less than 250 employees that will help you to use fibre broadband to develop, grow or improve your business. To find out if you are eligible for support, please visit Big Cumbria.

Alternative internet provision

Local businesses can also access superfast broadband through alternative internet services, for example it is possible to access the internet using microwave radio technology or wi-fi.There are companies in South Lakeland that help your business with this technology, visit our business directory for company information.