Business Relocation: Why South Lakeland?

Situated in the North West of England, South Lakeland covers an area of 1,550 square kilometres (approx 600 square miles) in the southern portion of Cumbria and is the largest district in the county.

See our guide to find out more!As you would expect from a region which encompasses a large proportion of the Lake District National Park, South Lakeland boasts some of the finest scenery to be found anywhere in the UK.

With its largely rural and varied landscape of coastline, woodland, rolling countryside, lakes and mountains, it is recognised as one of the country’s finest areas for its quality of life.

The enviable lifestyle and the opportunity for an unrivalled work/life balance afforded to those who live and work here cannot be overestimated and make South Lakeland one of the most desirable places to live in the country.  

Businesses who relocate to South Lakeland gain great benefits from the quality of life on offer in the area, as a contented work team tend to be a motivated and loyal work team too.

Added to such social benefits of basing your business in South Lakeland are more pragmatic business incentives, as we give great support to relocating businesses.

That's why South Lakeland's economy is thriving, and you can see the range of industries and businesses increasingly basing themselves here, including many househld names. 

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But South Lakeland is also growing its reputation as a location for business to thrive. Here you will find a truly diverse landscape, where agriculture and traditional rural enterprises neighbour the burgeoning tourism and hospitality sector and where hi-tech, knowledge-based industries at the forefront of sustainable innovation find an environment in which they can flourish.

However you look at it, South Lakeland really is a breath of fresh air for business. Supported by a healthy local economy, business networks and infrastructure, there are great opportunities for new and established companies to succeed here. We have published a series of business profiles highlighting our diverse range of thriving local businesses to showcase just what businesses can achieve here.

Some facts about South Lakeland:

  • Over 75% of the working age population in South Lakeland are economically active, indicating the availability of a significant labour force with a strong work ethic
  • Over 95% of the population hold a qualification, with more than 40% holding at least a NVQ Level 4 (or equivalent) and above
  • In 2010, South Lakeland had the highest number of new business bank accounts created - 860 in total, more than any other region in the UK
  • The area's tradition of manufacturing, coupled with rapid service sector growth and the resident engineering/technological base, has created a highly-skilled and adaptable workforce
  • Specialist engineering, technology and manufacturing companies in Ulverston enjoy established links with the offshore oil, gas and energy industry 

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