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Cumbria Family Business In-Sight into Grasmere Gingerbread with Joanne Hunter & Family

8 July 2015: Join the Cumbria Family Business Network on Wednesday 8th July from 10.30am to 1.00pm for an in-sight into Grasmere Gingerbread with Joanne Hunter and family. "Will they or won't they?" will provide the unique opportunity to discuss that really important question posing any family business when planning for the next generation. Joanne will lead the way presenting a short yet powerful look into the history of the award-winning business which dates back to 1854. Then - in a totally new format - Yasmine, Eden Rose and Eamont will become the panel.... Read more

Leading Wellbeing Festival

16 July 2015 to 18 July 2015: On July 16th to 18th 2015, at Brathay Hall, you can join a multi-sector and inter-disciplinary conference of people from over 40 countries to explore insights from engaged scholarship on the nexus of leadership, sustainability and wellbeing. You will hear inspiring and diverse insights from cultural leaders from around the world, and interact with people offering or procuring leadership training. ... Read more