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HMRC Webinar - What is VAT - an introduction

25 April 2014: This webinar is aimed at VAT-registered businesses or those that are about to register. It explains what VAT is and how it works, when you need or can choose to register and what you must do once you're registered.... Read more

HMRC Webinar - VAT Accounting Schemes

25 April 2014: For some small businesses accounting for VAT could be a big part of your operations. So it would be helpful to know about the different schemes available as choosing a suitable one could save you time and effort.... Read more

Cumbria Rural Women's Growth Network - Free 'Up Selling & Cross Selling' Workshop

25 April 2014: Join the Rural Women's Growth network and Justine Douglas, from Cumbria Training Services, for this free 'Up Selling & Cross Selling Your Way to Sales Success' workshop at the Clawthorpe Hall Business Growth Hub, Burton in Kendal 10am-4pm on Friday 25th April. ... Read more

HMRC Webinar - Expenses and Benefits for Employers

28 April 2014: For employers or directors who may be paying, or thinking about paying expenses and/or providing or thinking about providing benefits to their employees.... Read more

HMRC Webinar - Construction Industry Scheme for Contractors

28 April 2014: This webinar is aimed at contractors in the Construction Industry Scheme and provides an overview of the scheme and explains how to take on and pay subcontractors and meet tax obligations.... Read more

HMRC Webinar - PAYE using Basic PAYE Tools

29 April 2014: A demonstration of the Basic PAYE Tools aimed at employers with an existing knowledge of PAYE or who have attended the 'Getting started as an employer' webinar. Suitable for employers with 9 or fewer employees in total.... Read more

HMRC Webinar - Self-employed childminders and HMRC

29 April 2014: A basic guide to key tax and National Insurance issues affecting self-employed childminders.... Read more

HMRC Webinar - Record keeping for the self-employed

30 April 2014: This webinar is suitable for the self-employed. Find out about key aspects of record keeping such as setting up a record keeping system, what to record and how long to keep records. This webinar is aimed at sole traders and ordinary partnerships and is not suitable for directors of limited companies.... Read more

HMRC Webinars - VAT now you are registered

30 April 2014: This webinar is aimed at VAT-registered businesses. It explains the different rates of VAT, what falls outside the scope of VAT and different schemes to help simplify your VAT accounting.... Read more

Social Media Marketing - Getting it right for your business

7 May 2014: Baffled by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like? Want to know how to use social media as an effective, easy to use business tool?... Read more

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