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Pete Goss Masterclass

7 May 2015: Pete Goss he round-the-world sailor, adventurer and former Royal Marine is returning to Rheged with his inspirational masterclass.... Read more

Digital Matters Event: Lead Generation / Lead Conversion for Digital & Creatives businesses

13 May 2015: This event should enable agencies, small businesses and freelancers to develop approaches and strategies which enable to identify, meeting and convert business leads into work projects. ... Read more

Introduction to Self Employment

20 May 2015: This FREE seminar will benefit those who are thinking of starting their own business or those who have recently started trading. It will give attendees a basic understanding of the things you need to consider when working for yourself.... Read more

Succession Planning. Workshop 4: Structure for Success

21 May 2015: As a business grows its needs change. Consequently the structure will need to adapt to allow for increased need for communications, technology, legal requirements and innovation. We’ll be looking at the different structures, the ways of growing the business through family and non-family members and professionalising the family as well as the business. Emma Porter, daughter of Fred Story, has had first-hand experience of responding to rapid growth within the business group and is actively engaged in finding the best solutions for her own business interests as well as her clients.... Read more

Small Business Accounts, Tax & Book-keeping

2 June 2015: This seminar will benefit those who are starting a business or are already trading and need to understand how to manage financial records for your business and tax rules for self employed. ... Read more

FREE - Developing a Plan for Business Growth 2 Day Workshop (2 and 6 June)

2 June 2015 to 9 June 2015: This fast moving two day programme, utitlises case studies, practical and innovative exercises, and peer to peer discussions to develop your strategic thinking resulting in a comprehensive business plan for you and your business.... Read more

Websites & Optimisation

15 June 2015: Seminar contents:
 Focusing your web activity around your business
 The Importance of Attraction—Engagement—Conversion
 SEO—What is it?, How can I use it?, What difference does it make?
 Use of Keywords
 The power of content
 The call to action and conversion strategies
This seminar will leave attendees with a clearer understanding of how to build a clear, focused and effective web based marketing strategy. You will be shown how to access the many powerful & free resources that are available allowing you to have more information and control of your web based activity.
... Read more

Social Media Marketing

15 June 2015: Baffled by Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and the like?
Want to know how to use social media as an effective, easy to use business tool?
Our social media workshop will teach you how to increase sales, brand awareness and promote your organisation online through the use of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more social media platforms.
The workshop will focus on your needs as a business giving you some simple FREE tools, strategies and resources enabling you to harness the power of social media marketing tools to help drive the success of your business.... Read more

Contracts: Terms of Business Made Simple

18 June 2015: This seminar will cover:
- An introduction to Contract Law
- Terms and conditions of business
- How to ensure your terms are included in your contracts... Read more

Succession Planning. Workshop 5: Getting the right people in the right role

25 June 2015: Having decided on the strategy you want to pursue, the final part of the plan is clarifying the nature of the key roles. What do the people who hold these positions need to be capable of? Do you need people whose attitudes match the family culture or people who will bring about a cultural change? What aspirations and motivations are appropriate for which role?... Read more